the sound of one sample peaking

i have had the good luck to expand my collection of raster noton music.  listening to the fantastic kangding ray just now, a mid 2000 release, stabil.

this sound of electricity in all its forms (kangding ray with his overtones of r and b, alva noto with his precise, detailed, relentless and beautiful clicks, shimmers, and breaths) is, i find, more and more fascinating every time i encounter it.

i think it will drive my work for some time to come.  the light is a door.

guelph jazz festival video installation

work on the light, which you have been reading excerpts of over the summer, continues apace.  now getting into the nuances of mixing spoken text with music, thanks to the help of the inimitable phil strong.

heading to the guelph jazz festival tomorrow to install skin, a single channel video which, like many of my projects, has many forms.  this time i’ll be installing it as a kind of immersive experience in the VIA rail station.

it will be part of the nuit blanche program, and many fantastic acts will be playing over the course of the night.  i will update this post next week with pictures and video from the installation.  if you are in the neighborhood, do come and say hi.

until next time.