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Selected sound design and composition credits include numerous works for Peggy Baker Dance Projects and productions with: Soulpepper Theatre Company, The Farber Foundry, The Stratford Festival, Young People’s Theatre, Nightwood Theatre, Project Humanity, Theatre Passe Muraille (Crash, his sound for which won a Dora Award), inDance, Tribal Crackling Wind, Canadian Rep Theatre, Volcano Theatre, Pleiades Theatre, MTC Warehouse and Necessary Angel.

Sinha has won 2 Dora awards for Best Original Sound Design (We are Proud to Present…, 2016 and Crash, 2012) and a Toronto Theatre Critics Award for Best Design (Eurydice, 2016, along with lighting designer Kimberly Purtell and set and costume designer Lorenzo Savoini).

Listen to a selection of Sinha’s theatre music and sound cues here.

…Astonishing and inspiring. You have found an adventurous form between music, philosophy, and radio.

Marcus Gammel, Redakteur Hörspiel / Klangkunst, Deutschlandradio Kultur on The Light

…tribute must also be paid to the music, which gives even small moments a cinematic feel. There’s a tension and fragility to the sound that’s subtle, but affecting. 

Lindsay Young, Mooney on Theatre on Eurydice (Soulpepper Theatre)

 Debashis Sinha’s soundscape, as naked as the set, sneaks up behind you: is that the subway rumbling beneath me, or is this underscoring the action? Are those sirens, or sound effects?  And the questions this sound design inspires–where does the theatre end and the real world begin?–are far, far more important to this story than I can express in this review.

Megan Mooney, Mooney on Theatre

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