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 …Sinha gets plenty of mileage from the exquisite metal sounds of a few Asian cymbals, or (when he) scrabbles darkly inside a wooden instrument…his bowed and scraped gongs are ambiguous, easily heard as electronic.  He moves in and out of rhythmic patterns, none of them resembling a regular kit’s…

Wire Magazine

…I listened again through the broadcast version of “The Light”. I still find the piece astonishing and inspiring. You have found an adventurous form between music, philosophy, and radio.

Marcus Gammel, Redakteur Hörspiel /Klangkunst, Deutschlandradio Kultur

 Sinha’s piece accentuates the odd transpositions of time and space constantly foisted upon us by telecommunications and the media…walk around with your mind on both sides of the planet.

NOW magazine, on the audio art cell phone installation where you are, commissioned by Nuit Blanche Toronto


the soundscape you created for (4 poems for body and breath) is sensational! It fits like a glove and elevates every image

deepest thanks for your extraordinary work and for your tremendous generosity

Peggy Baker, Peggy Baker Dance Projects

…Sinha delivered a set that was at times contemplative, noisy, raucous, all constructed with beautifully contrasted pieces, instruments, and sounds. His music had a clear sense of honesty and purpose, and it was stunning to see the depths of someone’s craft so clearly on display.

Matthew Fava, Ontario Regional Director, Canadian Music Centre

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