sound and performance

there is a lot about digital sound, a particular kind of sound world that holds much fascination for me. in many ways the fascination is expressed in the act or process of making the sound around us audible, the exposure of the mystery that is in our atmosphere all around us, every day.

but being a musician, and maybe more so a percussionist, also demands a kind of engagement when i make and construct this sound into a work. and in the end, the process is fulfilling but not visceral—an important part of my connection to creating sound is lost through the keyboard, the midi controller, the mouse.

which is why i am so happy to have built tetsuo kogawa‘s radio transmitters, thanks to the help of naisa and hector centeno. for the first time in many years i have direct access to working with this world, a way to engage my whole being in the exploration of this mysterious realm.




music and sound

it’s bananas, but i wished for it.  here is what i’m up to:

everything from cajon to sound installations.  being so swamped brings to the fore so many issues—time management, attention, mindfulness, focus, anxiety.  but then again each item crossed off the list brings a brief respite from all that.  i seem to be coasting in one now.  hope it lasts!

see you on the other side, and maybe in the middle of it at something.