figures.  time is short and i am getting going.  just took my first pung lesson today, with members of anjika, priti patel’s manipuri company.  sideways drumming is hard.  also going to check out sudharshan chakraborty’s company sapphire as well as trying to find time to see a few shows and do family stuff.  i have to get back here…..


a hectic last minute train shuffle brought us back to kolkata from varanasi, where we did the puja to immerse my father’s ashes into the ganga on new year’s eve.

i am overwhelmed.  i can’t write about it now, much less even think about making audio from this experience.  there was so much sound i wanted to capture but i am beginning to realize that now i think i am going to have to let it go.  to filter it and remake it for others to hear somehow. 

going there made me realize the ganga is indeed a goddess.  every night we were there we watched the aarathi from a boat on the water.  never have i felt so thankful to…what?  be alive?  fulfill my father’s last wishes?  be in varanasi?  not sure.  there is a lot i am not sure about.  but thankful nonetheless.