moving image

Not only does Debashis bring immense talent, imagination and intuition to the process, he has the ability to work dramaturgically. As a result, what is created is always fresh, new,  unexpected, and outstanding. 

Alan Dilworth, stage director

Sinha’s extensive and award winning work on the theatre stage has also been heard in the film world. From shorts with acclaimed Canadian directors Wiebke von Carolsfeld (The Saver, Marion Bridge) and Maxime Desmons (Bonne Mére,  What We Have) ,  to documentaries exploring post 9-11 identity and the struggle of the in/between citizen, Sinha has brought his interest in storytelling and sound to the moving image, crafting soundtracks and designs that are deeply moving, adventurous, and unexpected in timbre and content.

Our collaboration (on my first two films) was not only a complete delight but resulted in two wonderfully imaginative and emotionally resonant scores. Deb is a true artist who will work tirelessly to enhance any film with his music. He is open to collaboration, has years of experiences in working with different genres and artists and will always put story first. 

Wiebke von Carolsfeld, film director

His extensive experience for the stage making sound and music for award winning small experimental shows to massive 6 hour Shakespearian epics is also brought to bear on his own audio and audiovisual projects, demonstrating his deep commitment to storytelling. To Sinha, sound and image to work together to tell a story greater than the sum of their parts – see this blog post for his own perspective on this work.