nuit blanche 2009

a time lapse film of the peggy baker dance project nuit blanche performance is up, thanks to filmmaker midi ondera, here.

many thanks to peggy, the dancers, meredith potter, ben grossman and phil strong for all their hard work.

incidentally, confluence, the triptych of works that i have spoken about earlier, will be premiered in toronto feb 24-28 2010.  the music is coming along nicely and the final show will be about an hour long.

hope to see you there.

listen in spanish

a big thank you to miguel alvarez fernandez for making a radio feature on me to introduce listeners to my work before the broadcast of “kailash”.

i met miguel while in alicante to present  “kailash”, which was commissioned by Centro para la Difusión de la Música Contemporanea /Radio Clasicá/RNE (Spanish National Radio)—the prize i wrote about a few posts back.  everyone there was really wonderful and excited about making my work sound the best it could.

please enjoy.