deep wireless

i’m at the deepwireless festival of radio art this weekend, as part of the performing quartet of myself, chantal dumas, andreas kahre, and kathleen kajioka. on tap are workshops and performances and live 12 speaker disseminations of radio pieces. i am particularly excited to see/hear tetsuo kogawa’s keynote speech and performance tomorrow morning. this festival is getting bigger and bigger, and the work of nadene and darren is really making this festival a major event in audio/radio art here in north america (and, dare i say it, internationally).

update sunday: attended tetsuo kogawa‘s lecture and performance at 9am this morning. i am completely blown away. it is rare that such a level of theoretical grounding and articulation accompanies such masterful artistic execution. or at least its rare that we get a glimpse of both sides. kudos to naisa (see link above) for a) programming kogawa san and b) creating a context for both of these sides of this amazing artist.

in other news, some media for my piece @ deepwireless can be found below.

video here (thanks to justin @

in performance:

tetsuo kogawa’s workshop:


have been a bit off the radar for some time, but working hard, trying to catch up on the sound installation and the 24 hour video project while i wait for upcoming projects and grant results.

there is a boom/bust kind of cycle in the work process that can be very discombobulating. i wonder if it is the same for all self employed people (ie anyone running their own company/business) or if it is just that way for creative people.  the time to “play” and mess around is vital to creating, and yet i find that there is less and less time to do it.  or maybe i’m just not focused enough.  or still haven’t found the right/most optimum way of working.  or haven’t figured out the work/life balance.  or…..