nuit blanche

i’ve started working on the (scotiabank) nuit blanche cell phone pieces.  its really a lot  of fun and a great challenge to try and make pieces that actually work that are 45s or under….

here’s one.

wow. i think i am really liking this whole video thing.
a great one.


found this on the great blog sepia mutiny.



new CD for dance classes and dancin’

i’ve been working on creating some trax for modern dance classes, as i seem to be getting a lot of requests for this when i accompany dance classes in the school system.

the root grooves of each track are taken from a recording of a class i played for toronto dance theatre company early this year, recorded by the inimitable phil strong.   each track uses these grooves to construct, ah, journeys in sound, spiced with the digital world of electronics.  if i may indulge in marketspeak briefly, the CD is an organic combination of electronic beats, textures and acoustic percussion.

because each track is based on a groove directly taken from a dance class, teachers will be able to find something for each excercise—warmups, tendus, ronde de jambes, across the floor, etc.  non-teachers will also enjoy the cool grooves—perfect for a summer day, riding your bike (riding your bike not recommended with headphones!!!!), or getting places on the subway.

working on a DECEMBER release.  keep listening.