jaal mala 12.06

i am avoiding packing.  i keep remembering why i’m going to india.

so i made some music from jaal mala (garland of water) which is a piece on quell that i made about my dad.

listen here.  its my new year’s gift to you.

i feel better.

off to india

apologies for the lack of posts.

i’m heading to india on saturday, to put my father’s ashes to rest. not yet sure all that will be involved but the main focus is to go to varanasi to put the ashes in the ganges there.

i will also be doing lots of recording of environmental sound, taking some lessons in dhak (the bengali puja drum), and meeting some sound artists and contemporary art practitioners in kolkata.

i’ll be keeping the blog semi updated during this time.

upcoming for the new year: various projects (audio art, video, net) and woodshedding to create new works. dance performances, school shows, etc. oh yeah, getting married.

finally, there is a new improv uploaded, an outtake from the bad monkey bad bad monkey CD.

happy new year.

john wyre, rest in peace

many of you interested in percussion music may know john wyre, formerly of nexus fame.  i am sorry to say that he passed away on october 31 at his home in st john’s, newfoundland.

there are better people than me qualified to eulogize him, but i did have the chance to work with him as a member of maza mezé a few years back.  we commissioned a piece from him and recorded a number of songs for our “secrets moon magic” CD for CBC.

he was an amazing man, with an incredible outlook on life, and music.  the first lyrics to the piece he wrote for us was “the joy of living/begins by giving/yourself away”.

rest in peace, john wyre.