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Sinha’s unique constellation of skills as a percussionist schooled in various world music traditions, performer, audio artist, composer, and improviser give rise to a broad range of sound ideas and works, ranging from composed music for fixed media and video art, to audio installations and audiovisual performance.

“The central thust of my artistic practice is a desire to consider how and where the worlds of traditional and post-traditional musical/creative practice and tools may meet. Using my training and instruments from a number of different percussion traditions, and interfacing them with electronics and laptop audio tools, I am attempting to make manifest a suspicion that the musical and artistic approaches of traditional and contemporary can inform and influence one another. I believe I am looking for something, expressing something that is part and parcel of the identity of many of my peers—a thoughtful, complex expression of who I am and what inspires me.”

Exhibitions and presentations at/for Deutschlandradio Kultur, NeurIPS, European Association for Social Anthropologists conference (2020), Guelph Jazz Festival, Toronto New Media Centre/Charles Street Video, International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA), New Adventures in Sound Art, Festival Del Arte Radio (Lisbon), Sound Symposium (Newfoundland), Banff New Media Institute, Soundfjord (London UK), FILE Electronic Language International Festival (Brazil), ORF Kunstradio, South Asian Visual Arts Centre (Toronto), Madrid Abierto, Nord Art Media Art Festival, Scotiabank Nuit Blanche (Toronto), Radio Clasicá (Spanish National Radio), Surrey Art Gallery (Canada) and others

For a full CV and list of works please contact deb (at) debsinha (dot) com

Selected Works: Audio

Adeva_v000_xx // machine-learning created audio performances // details and excerpts

the light // stereo or 5.1 fixed media (52min) or live AV performance (variable) // details

anudrutam // live percussion and audio performance // details

Selected Works:  Sound art/installations

Current explorations with machine learning here //

hati // 2 sculptural surfaces, hanging bells, speaker drivers, audio // Commissioned by Surrey Art Gallery // details

icefield // custom designed 8 speaker audio installation designed for playback of a multi channel audio work evoking ice and snow, organized along principles of South Asian rhythmic theory // details

he sat on the glittering precipice // multichannel video installation derived from a 24 hour durational attendance // video with sculptural elements // details on request

Selected Works: Video

please visit the Vimeo page

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