skin in vancouver

just received word that skin will be programmed at cineworks’ group exhibition who will give up their distinctions? in vancouver in september 2008.  at the moment we are trying to figure out what form the work will take, but it looks likely that it will be a looping projection with the audio track on headphones, which is my ideal format.

update: the sound will be piped into the space.  skin will be looped and presented with another video by clint enns, prepare to qualify.  latest info is that this exhibition will be part of SWARM 2008, a festival of artist run centres in vancouver.  the festival and screenings will  be september 5 and/or 6.

the website and address is here.  if you are in the neighborhood please drop by.

shruti @ harbourfront (update: with pix)

i have been selected for inclusion in the SAVAC group exhibition @ harbourfront centre, august 8-10.  a new audio installation, shruti, using binaural recordings of the tanpura, field recordings from kolkata, and sound from the harbourfront site itself, will be created for this event, part of the south asia calling festival @ harbourfront.

the exhibition is free and will feature some great art from artists tackling the theme of “re-generation”.

hope to see you there.

SAVAC website

Harbourfront South Asia Calling

UPDATE: here are some pictures from the installation.  a good time was had by all.

sound symposium

i am at the unbelieveable sound symposium here in st john’s newfoundland.  they brought me here to install my sound piece kolkata garden.  we found a beautiful place near the “fluvarium”, in a clearing in a protected park.  it was really perfect.

i am meeting all sorts of interesting artists from a variety of disciplines.  check the website for some of them.  if you ever have a chance to get out here, do it!!!