Sinha is currently a tenure-track assistant professor focusing on sound in Performance at The Creative School, X University. Get to know his research presence and find him at X here.

  • sound design masterclasses at the secondary, undergraduate and post graduate level
  • synchronous / asynchronous
  • designed for the learning objectives of the students
  • all skill levels
  • student-centred pedagogy; hands-on learning

I just wanted to express my gratitude again for your excellent work with my students on the Scenography module for the 4th years undergraduate students… I can’t thank you enough for the time and thought you put into the sessions…I not only look forward to us working together again, I am excited about what and where you will bring us next!!!

Dr F McDonagh, Department of Theatre Studies, Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick, Ireland


  • Software environments and tools for sound making/editing/creation
  • Compositional considerations and storytelling
  • Theatrical sound and collaborative models of working
  • Script Analysis
  • Proprioceptive listening
  • First-person field recording
  • Audio Art
  • other topics as needed

I found (your class lecture to the Master’s students) informative and thought-provoking. Now I want to take your class! I included several more readings based on your suggestions and I think they will significantly enhance students’ learning experience. Thank you!

Dr Xing Fan, Associate Professor, Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies, University of Toronto

Classes and lectures designed for:

  • The National Theatre School professional program
  • York University Department of Theatre
  • University of Limerick, Ireland
  • University of Toronto Graduate Studies
  • The Stratford Festival
  • National Theatre School of Canada Dramafest and Arts Engagement programs
  • X (Ryerson) University

Deb can inspire all types of creatives who are curious to explore sound design. His passion for the subtleties that lie in sounds, and the possible worlds and stories that can be created through these bytes is infectious.

Erika Kierulf, Producer, Arts Engagement, École nationale de théâtre du Canada / National Theatre School

In consultation with the institution and instructors, Sinha can design a remote or in-person lecture, lecture series, practical course or combination of all three to meet learning objectives and inspire students to deepen their media work.