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now: new double release on establishment records // brahmaputra here and adeva_v000_04 here //

nov 10-dec 3: sound design and music for “letters from max, a ritual” // w dj chica-paula // more info here //


ds is the 2023 louis applebaum composer’s award laureate //

now: what fools these mortals be // the circle project is a partnership between formerly incarcerated women and artists creating projects that incorporate indigenous modalities of community based justice // ds contributes music to the dreaming chapter

ds a recipient of SSHRC funding to create a podcast series ontologies of silence, a series of 1-on-1 conversations with a wide variety of researchers in the arts and sciences about the how silence – auditory, visual, political, social – manifests in their research

now: ds part of a mix of south asian ambient/drone/experimental artists, alongside an essay by shrey kathuria // listen and read here //

new research project with visualcodepoetry exploring new technologies in playable object manufacture supported with a seed grant from tmu’s design and technology lab //

book chapter in progress: “zehn tage im april: a conversation on listening through/to/with the environment” – with berlin musician robert lippok // to be published in an upcoming volume on mcgill-queen’s university press //

ds part of “anthology of exploratory music from india” on the unexplained sounds label //

now: see ds’ AR piece “cosmos” in toronto or on the web here // thanks to pix film gallery and artificial museum for the artist residency where this work was created //

“in the city the body rests” // article in “entanglements: experiments in multimodal ethnography” on sound and multimodal ethnographic practice //

ds feature article in johns hopkins university’s theatre journal special issue on AI and theatre // covering ds’ work with sound, storytelling, ethnographic practice and AI tools //

adeva (version000_01) // livestream machine learning-driven AV performance co-presented by new adventures in sound art, charles street video and toronto media arts centre // excerpts here // full concert documentation and post show discussion on NAISAtube here //

“rig_veda000_03” is a featured artwork at neurIPS 2020, the 34th conference on neural information processing systems // browse all artworks here //

ds contributes to acoustic cameras // “cathedral” and the related webcam feed here //

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