mar 10-july 31: new audio commission “in the house’s endeepened wide gracious flow” at the museum of contemporary art // also free workshop in AI image generation for teens/adults and new video works in partnership w moca //

may: new releases “brahmaputra” and “adeva_v000_04” on berlin’s establishment records // exact date tba //

may 12: “and the resplendent” video work presented as part of noisefloor uk conference // staffordshire, uk // conference program here //

may 24-june 5: ds sound designs a new opera by nicole lizee // libretto by nicolas billon // directed by michael mori and presented by tapestry opera // info and tickets here //

june 6-10: ds presents saṅkhyā stories as a conference paper in the “ai and creativity” panel at the royal anthropological institute conference “anthropology, ai and the future of human society” // details here

june 7-14: ds @ collaborative experimentation in sound at the institute of speculative inquiry, lisbon //

june 14: ds @ poesiefestival, berlin // in conversation with k allado-mcdowell as part of the vernissage for the AI ANCESTORS audio exhibition // ds also in performance with lucas guitierrez (visuals) in a collaborative AI/poetry generation with the audience, guided by k //

june 18-19: the great fire audio drama presented by luminato festival // part of the woodbine weekend // white label headphone listening in the woods, limited audience // more info and register here //

july 11-15: ds recently invited to the studio for electroacoustic music @ akademie der kuenste, berlin // july 11-15 // creation-research for a new sound work //

sept: ds sound design for death and the king’s horseman at the stratford festival // details here //

sept: ds sound design and composition for beautiful renegades, the final project of peggy baker dance projects // details tba // info here //

sept: ds one of the 20 artists in residence for a more beautiful journey // XR installation on the TTC, original music for TTC routes from toronto artists // part of intersection festival //

sept: ds one of a cohort of toronto artists presenting AR works at the ottawa animation festival // co-presentation of pix film gallery and artificial museum // ottawa details here // see ds’ piece “cosmos” in toronto or on the web here //


ds now on faculty at x university //

ds sound design/mix for 3 new canadian audio dramas in factory theatre’s satellite audio season, vol II // free // info here //

ds part of “anthology of exploratory music from india” on the unexplained sounds label //

“in the city the body rests” // article in “entanglements: experiments in multimodal ethnography” on sound and multimodal ethnographic practice //

ds feature article in johns hopkins university’s theatre journal special issue on AI and theatre // covering ds’ work with sound, storytelling, ethnographic practice and AI tools //

ds part of understory sound, showcasing improvising artists from across canada // presented the website and elsewhere online at toronto’s museum of contemporary art and the canadian music centre //

adeva (version000_01) // livestream machine learning-driven AV performance co-presented by new adventures in sound art, charles street video and toronto media arts centre // excerpts here // full concert documentation and post show discussion on NAISAtube here //

“rig_veda000_03” is a featured artwork at neurIPS 2020, the 34th conference on neural information processing systems // browse all artworks here //

ongoing: ds sound design and mix for 3 films part of 21 black futures on cbc gem // jah and the everlasting song (dir by d’bi.young anitafrika) // special (dir by jay northcott) // cavities (dir by mumbi tindyebwa otu) //

ds contributes new video work for the resilience project, a audiovisual project by artists in response to these times // produced by necessary angel //

ds contributes to acoustic cameras // “cathedral” and the related webcam feed here //

new albums out in 2021 on establishment records // all music on bandcamp //

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soundcloud is the new location to hear project music and other full tracks by ds not available elsewhere //