i’ve been thinking about improvising. and trying it out. technique is one thing. commitment another. i have trouble with the second. i think in improvising commitment comes first and only then can technique flow.

i’ll keep trying.

artist profile

finally got around to updating the site.  cbc radio’s outfront made a short documentary about me and my world music life (thanks to producer laurence stevenson) and its up for your listening pleasure here.

happy thanksgiving.

other minds

in searching around the internet archive, i found the other minds archive, chock full of lectures, performances and other audio from the amazing other minds festival. right now i’m listening to steve reich’s group perform 4 organs, my name is, piano phase, and phase patterns. fantastic.

check it out, as well as the other recordings (cage and feldman in conversation, evelyn glennie in concert, an interview with brian eno….).


just found out the interview project for the soundLAB project is online here.  the sound pieces will be launched oct 20 here.  and of course i forgot to mention that the piece i created for deepwireless 2006 is available for listening here.

nuit blanche—the day after

played last night at nuit blanche, at the model for a public space (speaker). essentially a giant spiral seating structure, with an open space in the middle. the rain was on and off all night, so the mud was all over the place. not much different than the winnipeg folk festival, really.

ben grossman and i played a 45 min set of improvised music with hurdy gurdy, effects and various percussion. i was astonished at how many people were around, and stuck around and engaged with our music—everyone from jazzheads to hippies to frat house guys and high school students. it was an incredible social experience, and i am beginning to see what certain schools of thought around improvisation are talking about when they speak of the political overtones of improvised music. for me, it is more about mindfulness and listening, the collective meditation that the music inspires and demands. i suppose in many ways this is the presupposition for the social/political interpretation of the act of performing free improvised music.

in any case, a tremendously gratifying experience. one of my favourite moments: after our first 1/2 hour performance, i asked when we ended and someone yelled out “seven in the morning!”.

stay tuned—i am going to be broadcasting some live improvisation, both solo and duo in the near future.