Week 1

they’re back. they’re always back

Our time is tight – even though we open on June 1, virtually everyone in the cast is doing multiple shows, so the schedule looks like a jigsaw puzzle (hats off to the incredible SM team for keeping things on track and making sure us creatives keep an eye on our playground). The theatre (and by this I mean the stage and seats) is also having to deal with multiple shows, so our tech time is very precious and tight, as time needs to be found for various technical rehearsals and shows of the other productions in the space as well as ours.

That being said, Sam (White, our director) has been working with the goal of making sure we have a rough sketch of the first act by the end of Week One. And we’ve done it! Through this week, and watching this work, I’ve been able to get a sense of the logistics of how to deploy the sound through this very fast-moving play. Even getting a sense of the overall forward energy of the ensemble and Sam’s direction tells me a lot about how I need to prioritize the music and the sound design (which are not always the same thing).

My notes for the Prologue (which features an angelic Juliet, singing the “two households” text to music I’ve set) and Act 1 Sc 1 (including ideas for the onstage drummers accompanying the fight)
The drums I’m using to sketch out the music before the musicians join us

Next week: finessing and Act 2.

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