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UPDATE: where you are has been featured in both weekly arts magazines in toronto!  click here for the eye weekly mini interview (scroll about halfway down for where you are).  click here for the excellent writeup about the piece in now magazine (the piece is at the bottom of the page):

Next to smell, sound often gives us the most powerful sense of time and place. Debashis Sinha puts callers in two cities at once: any reveller walking through Zone B need only call 1-888-432-5995 to hear audio art pieces constructed from sounds recorded on the streets of Kolkata , India. Sinha’s piece accentuates the odd transpositions of time and space constantly foisted upon us by telecommunications and media. Walk around with both sides of your mind on opposite sides of the planet.

see  you @ nuit blanche

selected in madrid

one of my audio pieces was just selected for the soundworks program at madrid abierto, a festival of intervention and performance art, TV and radio in february 2008. i had the chance to visit the city this past summer and it is really enchanting, an amazing place.

if you are planning to go, choose february 2008.

robert lippok will soon be eating my chicken curry


robert lippok is coming to the goethe institute to present a radio theatre workshop. i will be attending and i can’t wait. besides being a very nice fellow he has been behind some of the most interesting projects i have had the pleasure of discovering.

and—bonus for me!—we will be presenting a concert together at the music gallery of course, thanks to the goethe institute and raster-noton. deets below, and hope to see you there.

Thursday, October 4, 8 pm
Music Gallery, 197 John St., Toronto
Tel: +1 416 2041080
Admission at the door: students and Music Gallery members $5, general public $10

Robert Lippok and Debashis Sinha collaborate in a live concert setting, each artist presenting his own sound world to the other and the audience, reacting, creating, and making music together in the moment. The acoustic and electronic combine to create something unique and new, skin and computer chip, groove and texture, past, present and future joined together.

nuit blanche coming up–live and installation

nuit blanche is fast approaching and i am busily navigating the web interface for the cell phone piece that i am presenting (see the nuit blanche website for details).  also that evening i will be performing (solo+, 9pm) at the music gallery where a whole slew of some of toronto’s best improvisers and sound experiementers will be performing throughout the night, including ima ensemble members ben grossman (7pm), and andrew downing (10pm).  the whole evening will be mixed in 12 speaker surround by new adventures in sound arts AD darren copeland.  really, its the best way ever to start your evening.

see you there!