end of summer

the end of summer is nigh.  a different one for me—took a holiday instead of working.  of course now its come to bite me in the butt, but this is in the best way.

scoring the tv documentary Losing My Religion continues.  its looking/sounding good i think.  still working on the nuit blanche projects (see below for more info and a link to one of the pieces).  mark duggan has asked me to record on his new cd in mid september and i will be the percussionist for the small world music festival’s world on a string project, with amir koushkani, rich brown (who is also the musical director), jayme stone, levon ichkhanian, and a few others.  that will be really great—i can’t wait to play the drums again…there seems to be too little of that lately somehow….

and of course the radio theatre workshop led by robert lippok from berlin, being put on by the goethe institute toronto.  4 days of audio art theatre.  woo hoo!  if anyone in the toronto area is interested, email me.  i’m sure i will be writing a post on it….

keep up to date on everything here.


annabelle chvostek’s new cd

the wonderful singer annabelle chvostek (some of you may know her from the wailin’ jennys) is working on a new solo CD, produced by roma baron and vivian stoll (some of you may know them from their production work on laurie anderson’s records).  she’s asked me to play percussion on probably the catchiest track i’ve heard in the last 3 years (and i like catchy tracks).

my first experience with internet sessions—i recorded the tracks at oldmonkeymusic and uploaded them via ftp.  the wave of the future.

check out annabelle’s myspace and her website for release dates and a very entertaining and interesting journal.