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wow, has it been a month?

work continues on the new peggy baker dance project.  the choreography is amazing, and the whole project is really growing into something amazing (read peggy’s journal entry for April 27 here).  the final project will be about an hour long—quite a bit of music/sound and i am having a great time working with peggy and the dancers.  there will also be a duet choreographed by new york city’s own doug varone as part of the program.  i’m very honoured to be creating music for so many great people.

i am thrilled to have been invited to ISEA this year as part of the juried exhibition with a new video work, based on the performance project shruti which i have written about here before.  we are hoping to also arrange a performance of the project as well, and this will be the first time i have made a fixed video work expressly based on the shruti project.

i have also been invited to the re-new festival in copenhagen, and the ex-is festival in seoul to do AV performances, but funding being what it is i am unable to attend.  if you find yourself in these neighborhoods, do give them your patronage.

robert lippok, my friend and cohort, has agreed to record some text for a new audio piece that i am calling the bodhi tree.  he did a fantastic job, and his voice and delivery is spot on and exactly what i had hoped for.  stay tuned for further info on that project.  we are hoping to record this june here in toronto…there are some happy glitches that may not be able to be worked around though.  we’ll see how it goes.

all this and more!  coming this summer to a screen in front of you.

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