T(X)MC @ Modern Fuel Artist Run Centre

i will be doing the first ever performance of my all night solo performance project, the (x) music conference, @ modern fuel artist run centre in kingston, ON.  details below.

if you are in the kingston area, please do come along.  i look forward to the effect that performing all night will have on the output…

Debashis Sinha: The (X) Music Conference
Solo concert, 11pm March 7 – 7am, March 8
@ Modern Fuel Artist Run Centre, 21A Queen St, Kingston
Part of Wind From the East—drawing installations of Montreal-based artists Jing Yuan Huang and Jerry Ropson

The (X) Music Conference (in this case, The Modern Fuel Artist Run Centre Music Conference), is a solo performance/social installation using traditional percussion instruments, electronics, visual projections, and tea, lasting from 11pm to 7am.  This project mirrors the tradition of all night music performances prevalent in the classical South Asian musical traditions, a practice not as prevalent as it once was.  TXMC recontextualizes the focus and
mindfulness required of the classical south Asian musician, using the form of the classical music performance, and filling it with content derived from Sinha’s own creative practice. The centuries old traditions of south Asian music are invoked through the structure of the concert and social gathering (which is part andparcel of any concert experience there), and the deeper traditions of mindfulness, focus, and improvisation are applied to modern and traditional musical tools and strategies of performance.

This will be Sinha’s first iteration of this project.  Provisions have been made for audience members are welcome to stay for the duration of the performance.
For more information on the exhibition, please see http://www.modernfuel.org/art/programming/event/272

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