the light

just received word that i have been awarded a grant from the ontario arts council through their new media program for mid career and established artists.

with the funds i will be producing a new feature length (approximately 1 hour) audio work entitled the light, an exploration of the properties of light and the quest for light within.  it will have a radio broadcast version, a surround sound mix, and a performance version.  i’m currently working on the text….writing text is very, very hard…..

thanks to the OAC and the jury for granting the funds, and to all the other recipients as well.

the known world wrap up / hny

a short document of the ice field and cloudfield installations from the known world are below.  thanks to everyone who came out to the show—my first but hopefully not my last.  it was a great experience to mount a solo show and i am very excited about 2011.  besides working with peggy baker/michael healy/daniel brooks, minor empire, theatre direct, pleiades theatre, and a host of others besides, i have a number of new projects just itching to get out of the starting block.

happy new year to everyone, and keep it locked for new info.

harmonium live AV set online

finally, there is a record of harmonium, the live AV set i created as a partner piece to the single channel video.
the live set is here:

and the original single channel version is here:

thanks to alejandro freeland for shooting this rough document of the harmonium live av project, at the gladstone hotel in toronto. thanks also to rozina kazi of LAL who invited me to perform, and of course robert lippok for being the Voice.

so much! so many!

too busy–here are the links!

SOLO SHOW: THE KNOWN WORLD (november 4, 7pm.  link has an essay by darren copeland and new sound works on the page as well).

HARMONIUM: LIVE CINEMA PERFORMANCE (november 5 @ the gladstone, part of the latin-afro-south asian festival)

THE BODHI TREE: NEW LIVE CINEMA WORK (november 12 in hamilton, november 13 in toronto @ wychwood barns)

MAHARAJA: THE SPLENDOR OF INDIA’S ROYAL COURTS (opens november 20 @ the art gallery of ontario–i’m doing the sound design for this show in association with the AGO)



i’m very pleased to announce (if i haven’t already before) that i will be doing my first solo show of sound art and video installation, opening november 4 @ toronto free gallery as part of savac‘s studio series, wherein they program a member to put on a solo exhibition.

i will be presenting 3 works—2 sound sculptures and a multichannel video installation.

hope to see you there—party on november 4 @ 7pm!


new works

in the theatre today with theatre direct,working on a new show for january of 2011—a wonderful piece of physical theatre with a great history in canada, called head a tete.  it is a tremendous gift to have some time in the theatre with the cast to help guide the sound design.

off to germany soon to (among other things) have a double espresso with my knuckleduster compatriot robert lippok.  work on our new CD is nearing completion!  in the meantime, you can read and hear our contribution to the “collaboration” issue @ vague terrain, a really excellent online journal of electronic music.

new creative process with peggy baker begins in october, and i will be sound designing a major new exhibition at the art gallery of ontario about the maharajas of india.  we have an advisory committee in place, and the ago is committed to making sure there is community involvement in the mounting of this exhibition.  check out the blog and leave your comments.

next year has me in theatre mode, with new plays by the above mentioned theatre direct, with michael healy and peggy baker (directed by daniel brooks), and with pleiades theatre.  if you want to find me between january and june in toronto, check a theatre stage.  more details as they become known of course.

until next time.

field @ the sound symposium

back from a great time @ the sound symposium (follow the link to see some great pics from the 10 day festival).  played drums with maryem tollar but the thing i am most excited about is field, a new project by electroacoustic hurdy gurdy player ben grossman on music and myself on visuals and some digital sound.  we had our world premiere @ the festival and it went great.  some photos are here, and i will be posting video soon.

there will be much more activity in the field, so stay tuned.

for those of you in toronto, you can catch me @ dusk dances in withrow park august 3-8 @ 7pm.  i will be performing again with the inimitable peter chin/tribal crackling wind, with dancers kate holden and yves candau.

much more coming.  here are some photos from the field in st john’s, newfoundland:

video capture by greg locke

photo by greg locke

MUTEK and beyond

on the train, on the way home from my MUTEK set.  very enjoyable evening, curated by ORAL‘s eric mattson.  no sleep, but that is a given i suppose, considering it was MUTEK/montreal.

me on the train home to toronto
here i am, trying to finish this blog post.

lots of drumming coming up, and also some up in the air projects.  watch this space, as usual.