upcoming DEB: here and elsewhere

Greetings everyone, and Happy New Year. After many months, it is time for an upcoming DEB, the first of 2012.

Some very excellent new projects in the pipeline, and a lot of outside-of-Toronto things happening that I thought I would like to let you all know about. If you find yourself somewhere, look for me.

Good tidings to you and your kin for 2012. I hope we see each other soon.



1. Mrs. Warren’s Profession at Manitoba Theatre Centre Warehouse
Opens January 20
Tickets available here

I’m pleased to be the associate sound designer (with John Gzowski) for the MTC Warehouse production of the Shaw play. Directed by Alisa Palmer.


2. Peggy Baker Dance Projects at NYC’s 92nd St Y
Feb 24-27
More information here

Peggy Baker Dance Projects is taking 3 works to the Harkness Dance Festival in NYC, 2 of which I have composed the music for: Coalesce, a 35 min trio, and Armour, a duet choreographed by NYC’s Doug Varone. I will be accompanying the, er, company to participate in the performances’ first half, where the creative genesis for the full works is presented to the audience. The 2nd half of the show is the full production.

I’d like to thank the Canada Council for the Arts for helping with the travel costs of this trip through the Travel Grants to Musicians program.


3. Knuckleduster CD’s coming very, very soon

I am super thrilled to announce that Nuukoono, the CD of my new duo Knuckleduster (with Berlin based Robert Lippok) now actually exists in the real world. We are getting ready for an early February online release, and you will be able to buy physical copies from our Warsaw based label Gustaff. Coinciding with the release will be the release of some live video from our show in Toronto last November, shot by Jeremy Mimnagh, and some other bonus material.

You can read about the genesis of the project and listen to an interview about the recording process in the fantastic GDR Radio studios in Berlin at our website.

I’ll let you all know when the CD is available online. It’s a really gorgeous object with a giant cover designed by Berlin design house AEIOU.


4. The Light nears completion

After many months of work, my (almost) one hour Höerspiel (radio work) is nearly complete. I will be meeting with the inimitable surround sound master engineer Phil Strong to create a 5.1 mix in the next while, and the AV performance version is now nearly complete. You can preview this project at my vimeo page, here
and here.

Thanks to the Ontario Arts Council’s Grants to Media Artists (Mid Career and Established) program.


5. ds in residence at the Koffler Centre with Yair Dalal and Frank London
March 28, with workshops the week preceding the concert. More information here.

I am thrilled to be part of a great group of Toronto musicians with NYC based Yair Dalal and Frank London. These 2 musicians are at the top of their game and we expect a lively week of rehearsals and composing preceding the concert at the Jane Mallet Theatre on March 28.

Details are still being set, but set aside the date for some very special music (and possibly some visuals programmed by yours truly).


More is coming, including a play written by and starring my sister Pamela at Theatre Passe Muraille, opening in May and directed by Alan Dilworth. I’ll be sending out another missive in mid March detailing these and other projects.

Best of the year to you! Make sure you say hi if you are at any of these shows.

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