the light (excerpt)

another excerpt from my upcoming sound piece the light:

Full open bodies of air that shimmer with smog, reflecting the city light into the night sky, indigo, orange, red, violet.  Particles of dust, ash, hanging over the ocean, stopping planes from flying, the whole what-we-think-is-the-world paralyzed by a small hiccup deep below.  Halls with glass ceilings crosshatched by steel struts, designed by German engineers and Finnish architects, full of stranded people, sharing food.  Buildings crashing down, giant sinkholes opening in the middle of cities with no warning.  Grainy video posted on the internet of tidal waves coming over land, looking gentle but not stopping, never stopping, creeping forward in a slow breath when seen from the news helicopter, but raw chaos and white noise that will deafen you if that is you on the ground in the lower part of the frame.  Children buried in mudslides, cars floating upside down in the centre of the sea.

We are all particles if you look from high enough.

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