sound and art: peggy baker, henry moore, brian jungen, and me

monday morning and i find myself at the AGO, surrounded by new works by brian jungen and gigantic plaster casts of henry moore works, doing a soundcheck for the peggy baker dance projects 2011 season.  in the moore gallery baker and dancer larry hahn will perform armour, a duet choreographed by new york’s doug varone and premiered in 2010.

my music is playing back in 4 channels, and the speakers are spread out evenly over the giant gallery.  baker and hahn are at one end, and as i watch them i can feel at my back the sound cascading around the space behind me, reflected by the huge and heavy moores and the smaller but equally powerful jungens.  the new jungen works are a 2011 counterpart to the moore pieces, raw and visceral in the same way as the moores, but different—of the land, more canadian, hides stretched over discarded car parts.  as with all of jungen’s work, simple and powerful in a way that really makes us see reality.  not in a different way, but in the way that it really is.

i am so blessed to be here.

catch the show in toronto—my music accompanies the above mentioned armour and the dance installation in walker court, move (which i am listening to as i write this post, a new 72 min score for 16 dancers).  details here:

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