shruti: live performance streaming online now

the radio performance i did at the banff centre is now streaming online:

Shruti uses field recordings and video collected in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), India as a starting point for a audio performance that explores the urban landscape of this great metropolis, filtered through the eyes and ears of someone intimately connected to but ultimately outside of it.  Part soundscape, part improvisation, Shruti uses a wide range of tools from the laptop to the harmonium to present an emotional and personal portrait of urban culture and personal experience.

paste this link into your mp3 player:
(update: the stream is now offline)

(in itunes, it is under the “advanced” tab.  other players, well, you’re going to have to check online for info.)

many thanks go to naomi potter and pandora syperek, the curators of the radio exhibition, and susan kennard, the banff new media institute director.

the audio stream will go from 10pm tonight (wednesday, sept. 17) until friday morning.  please tune in, and pass this on!

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