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i guess i am not as good as i thought keeping this updated.

mostly because the work life these days is kind of in limbo. i am making some sketches for an upcoming tv doc, waiting on a few grants to see if i got them….the same old thing i suppose, for those of you not familiar with the life.

some nice things, though: leela gilday was nominated for a juno for her album sedz√©. since i was the drummer on the whole record, is it ok to say i was nominated too? i’m going to assume yes. so there: i was nominated for a juno! 3rd time lucky maybe. its a great CD.

also i am going to be providing music over the internet for the mirvish production of theatre gargantua’s production of e-dentity. very fun. i can do it in my pajamas if i want. oh, wait, i can’t. there’s going to be a webcam.

wish there was more music to share, but its all project based at the moment, so no peeking.

happy spring.

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