Sinha’s experience building stories in sound applies to his work using machine learning and AI tools. By investigating these algorithms and how they apply to re-working sound material he builds new cultural futures and simultaneously investigates how machine learning and AI also fall short in their promises with regard to a true and equitable deployment.

In Sinha’s ML works we confront a world just outside of our understanding, a cloud of ideas and concepts that nonetheless remain connected to our innermost impulses.

[This research is] at its heart about expanding the conversation around storytelling and ways in which we communicate culture. It’s also very directly about questioning what we consider to be valid systems of knowledge, and why and how that validity has been and continues to be assigned, and by whom.

Listen to an interview on Wave Farm discussing this approach with NAISA’s artistic director Darren Copeland.

A conversation with choreographer and academic Shanti Pillai on Sinha’s approach to AI in storytelling and cultural transmission is featured in Theatre Journal, published by Johns Hopkins University Press.

His recent sound work “rig_veda000_03” will be a featured artwork at the NeurIPS Workshop on Machine Learning and Creativity for Design in 2020, and he will present his work as part of the Resistance AI workshop @ NeurIPS as well.

See below for live excerpts of performances using this material: