homewreckers and peggy baker

that post title didn’t sound quite right.

i am just finishing work on a new video for german dj trio homewreckers (that’s a still from the video there).  they asked me to do something for “the other side of town”, a track from their new CD, american ruhr.  more info later on where and when you might be able to see it.  a great quote from kodwo eshun on the result: a dialogue for a frame and an edge.

the first of a few scores this year for canada’s national treasure, dancer peggy baker is complete.  earthling will premiere @ the PUSH festival in vancouver, january 22 and 23rd are the performance dates.  more info here if you are in the vancouver area.  i will be making more music and video for peggy later this year for a new full length work.  stay tuned.

work continues on a couple of solo CDs!  slow going but i am really enjoying the minutiae of crafting the sound for these releases.

if you happen to be reading this before january 28th, come down to the tranzac in toronto, where i will be doing my first toronto performance of shruti, the field recording based audio performance i have done in germany, newfoundland, and banff.  each one is different….this performance has been programmed as part of david sait’s and michael keith’s night bazaar series.

…..reading this over i see that the holiday is over.  more to come.

the other side of town video still

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