audio performance/music video

things in banff are going well.  time to look ahead a little bit.

sept 20 you’ll find me @ dundas square as part of the new music marathon.  i will be part of darren copeland’s audio art curation/installation 3 sided square.  the marathon runs from 2pm-10pm, and just about anyone who is anyone in the new music community will be there either performing or generally rocking out.  you’ll hear everything from stockhausen to cage, to glass to original music from the toronto new music scene.  info here and here.

i have been asked by the berlin/bochum dj trio the homewreckers to make a music video for their upcoming CD release, which drops october 10.  the video will be done before xmas and you will be able to find it on youtube and other locations.  check out their online spaces for more information.

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